Our Process

Prior to sitting down with you, we become familiar with you and your company using online and internal resources. We then meet with you to discuss your clientele, learning more about your business. Then the OAKS Process kicks in. We will:

  • Meet with you and your staff to discuss clientele, learning about the nature of your business.
  • Develop telephone script introduction, body and pre-qualifying questions based on the prospects challenges and your solutions.
  • Develop or obtain documents such as customer letters, appointment setting confirmation, business cards, newsletters, etc.
  • Create a lead sheet that will be used to capture information during prospecting calls.
  • Develop a call schedule that allows a salesperson to be accessible when necessary.
  • Meet with your staff to introduce the process, the services we will perform and to get to know one another.
  • Make up to 110 calls per 8 hour day or whatever volume works within your schedule.
  • Follow-up with additional phone calls and emails as necessary.
  • Supply scheduled appointments, with detailed lead information, to your sales team.
  • Provide status of the effort through weekly conference calls and/or emails.
  • Work with you to track won/closed opportunities.
  • Provide feedback on sales closes from the leads generated.

For every appointment we also provide:

  • Contact information and company details, as available
    • Name, title, office/cell number, email address
  • Personal observations
    • Introductions and maintaining relationships
    • Strengthening name recognition, allow leads to hear your name a few times
    • Delivering the "right offer at the right time"
  • Positive or negative feedback from prior dealings with your company
    • Poor turnaround time, no returned calls, unnecessary price increases, poor customer service

We work closely with you and your sales team to provide your business with the results you are looking for. We speak the language of selling. Our scripts, and the manner in which they're spoken, help us to stand out from our competition. One Of A Kind Solutions is dedicated to helping you grow your business and you'll see, and hear it, in our process. And you'll see it in our results - prospects respond to our calls.