Strategies Designed to Uncover Your Prospect's Pain

Last issue I talked about the importance of uncovering your prospect’s pain and the value that it brings to your sales process. In this issue, I’ll be sharing how to uncover that pain. Talking about your products or services isn’t going to earn you loyal customers. You need to be proactive towards understanding their concerns and constraints.

Listen more and speak less. There’s a type of sales rep called “Crocodile Rep”. They have a big mouth and small ears. They do most of the talking and conclude the discussion without understanding the prospect’s pain. Always listen to your prospects before engaging them.


Ask open-ended questions. The best way to have successful sales discussions is by asking open-ended questions. The primary aim is to get them speaking about their business, and prospects generally love to do that. This strategy will keep you from overselling and help you build a great bond with the prospect.


Dig a little deeper. Uncovering just one problem may not be enough. When there is a pause in the conversation, nod in agreement or say you understand, but also give them another opening to continue the conversation. Use some of these probing questions to get the prospect to expand on the pain. 

  • How did you resolve this issue or is it still a concern?
  • Tell me more.
  • Is there anything else?
  • How would resolving this issue feel?

Talk like them. Use your prospect’s language when talking about pain. This technique can go a long way in building trust with your prospect. Show them that you take them seriously by using their language and terminology.


Don’t answer questions too quickly. Take note of how your prospect asks a question and then think for a moment about how to best respond. If you answer too quickly, the conversation may end and you won’t get the information you need. 


Discovering your prospect’s motivators means getting your prospects to talk. Try conversations that let your clients take the lead. Then listen and discover.


Remember - No Pain, No Sale. Happy Hunting!


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