Getting More Out of Your Sales Efforts

Bringing Sales Teams & Cold Callers Together Produces Greater Success


Many sales organizations have a team of cold callers who feed leads to the sales team. Often the leads or appointments are simply handed over from one team to the other. Your cold calling efforts will be more effective and provide added benefits when you bring these two sets of people together. Collaboration between cold callers and the rest of the team is critical in order to get the most out of your cold calling campaign. 


What is needed to make cold calling a successful part of your sales process? It is critical for these two teams to meet to:

  • Discuss first time appointments and opportunities
  • Share key information about the prospects
  • Classify hot, warm and cold leads in the pipeline
  • Identify and address any issues concerning the process
  • Review objective and outcome metrics 

It is detrimental to view your cold calling team as a separate silo in your sales and marketing organization. They need to be privy to any discussion about sales strategy, various marketing materials and campaigns, and any market intelligence. 


The lead generation team contributes a great deal to the entire effort as well. Cold calling is like a new sales team building a book of business. There will be a lot of information garnered from this effort that can be used in the sales process even when an appointment is not set at that time.


The outset of a cold calling campaign is the time when objectives are discussed, when changes are made to the scripting and when kinks in the process are worked out. An in-depth weekly review ensures that nothing is lost in the mix. As the campaign progresses, it may suffice to meet on a bi-weekly basis. 


A lead generation campaign builds over time so success takes time. In addition, its success depends on the complete engagement of your cold calling team with your entire sales organization.

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