How To Make Cold Calling Fun & Effective

Most people would say that the only way to make cold calling fun is to have someone else do it. But at One Of A Kind Solutions, we love cold calling. Cold calling needn’t be a chore!  It can be fun if you go about it in the right way.  

Here are some tips to make cold calling fun and effective:

  • Have the right attitude. Don’t think of it as a sales call, because it’s not. You are on a fact finding mission to find out what problems the person on the other side of the phone may be experiencing that you may be able to solve.
  • Take the time to develop a script that focuses on having a conversation and building a relationship - introducing yourself, your firm and your offering, what sets you apart and probe for issues and information.  Customize the script for each prospect.
  • Use the script as a guide.  Rehearse it, memorize it until it sounds natural with the right pace, pitch and tone. 
  • Have a mirror handy.  Do you look happy?  Are you upbeat?  Are you smiling?  Do you have energy in your voice?  Are you enthusiastic?
  • Build rapport and be yourself in conversation.  Listen to how they sound and what they are saying.  By matching the prospects tone and speed of talk you will naturally engage them.  Walk away from the call with a good understanding of the prospect’s needs.
  • If it's appropriate, laugh! A natural conversation including small talk and sharing insights will often lead to humor. It’s OK to “professionally” chuckle.
  • Just do it – make the call and just have a conversation. Celebrate and learn. You did it!  Give yourself credit for making the call. Ask yourself what you could have done differently to make it more effective.

You’ll notice that the word “sales” was not mentioned.  Think of it as a conversation that will lead to a sale and it will be much more enjoyable. If you still get stuck when making cold calls, One Of A Kind Solutions is here to help.

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